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  • Video #1:  THE TALK - Power of a Chiropractic Adjustment - *Full Edited Version of the the "Power Of a Chiropractic Adjustment" Talk to MD's - *Dr. Sullivan's Pre-Talk and Post-Talk Interviews - *Post-Talk Interviews with Medical Professionals.
  • Video #2: THE PRODUCER'S CUT - *The 5-Step Sequence to Transforming Perceptions - *The Full Point by Point Breakdown with Talk Footage - *Dr. Sullivan's Step by Step Instructions to an Irrefutable Delivery.
  • Video #3: THE PRACTICAL  - *What This Means to the Chiropractor - *Real-Life and Real-Practice Application - *Simple Stats, Facts, and Stories that Increase Practice Certainty and Results!All access to amazing item on the list.
  • THE POWERPOINT *The Actual "Power of Adjustment" Talk Powerpoint - *Slide by Slide Evidence in the Power of Adjustment
  • THE RESEARCH *The Irrefutable Research Used in the Talk - *ALL Journals and Articles listed for reference - *Know the Evidence, Have the Evidence, Provide the Evidence! 
  • Bonus #1:  Digital Download of "The Power of an Adjustment" Poster
  • Bonus #2:  Power of a Chiropractic Adjustment Workshop Audio (Dr. Sullivan explaining the "Power of an Adjustment" Poster to Patients)
  • Bonus #3:  Medical Doctor Testimony Video: An MD Explains the Power of a Chiropractic Adjustment
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