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Here's What You Get...
  • Flu Pamphlet - Myths vs Truth on the Flu, Flu vaccine, Chiropractic, and Immunity.
  • Vaccine PPT - actual slides of a PPT talk on the flu and flu vaccine
  • Vaccine Video - Dr. Dan dives deep into the science and data on the flu and flu vaccine. 
  • Chiropractic and Immunity PPT - actual slides of a PPT talk on Chiropractic and it's influence on immunity.
  • Chiropractic and Immunity video - Dr. Dan dives deep into the science and statistics of Chiropractic, immunity, and the flu. 
  • Flu Talk PPT - an entire PPT presentation on the flu with stats, facts, and science on the flu, flu vaccine, Chiropractic, and immunity.
  • 3 Patient Newsletters - Three done-for-you patient newsletters to download, print, and distribute to patients and community on the influence Chiropractic has on the immunity and the flu. 
  • 3 Info-graphics - Three information graphics that correspond with newsletters that can be posted on social media, used in a PPT presentation or on a scrolling TV screen, or emailed to practice members or prospective patients on the stats, facts, and science of the flu and Chiropractic.
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